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Kranz Design

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Located in North Lake, WI, Krantz Design has been in business since June 1985. My first project was a big one. We Produced all of the executive furniture for Quad Marketing, a subsidiary of Quad Graphics. This ended up being a large job with over 200 pieces of custom furniture for all of the executives in the office along with the board room and reception area. The company was eventually bought by Rupert Murdock, so now from time to time Rupert Murdock sits at a conference table that I made. I ended up doing all of Quad Graphics outside offices, until they opened they’re own cabinet shop in the mid 90’s. The special emphasis in my work is on Mission or Craftsman Style furniture, and I also feel comfortable in the Deco and Contemporary styles. Free standing furniture and Built in cabinetry are at the forefront of my building experience. But you can’t build great furniture without a great design, and I feel without question that this is my strong suit.