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Premier Properties

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Vision is a powerful tool for advancement, shared vision amplifies that power and launches ideas into reality. The foundation for Premier Properties, Ltd. was built upon a shared vision for a real estate firm that focuses entirely on the needs of people. The partners of Premier Properties, Ltd., Lynn Zwaska, Scott Heyerdahl and Kristin Prange Kessler, have all had experience working with and for other major companies within the industry. They know what works for the client, they know what works for the company, and they know that the two are not always the same. By combining their talents, expertise, and ideas with those of their exceptional associates, they were able to design a unique and advanced method for serving the client. By utilizing technology, efficient and effective systems, and shared knowledge, the partners have been able to make their vision a reality. Lynn, Scott and Kristin believe in authenticity, integrity and trust. The real estate market has seen many challenges and Premier Properties has prevailed by adapting quickly and appropriately to the ever-changing market. They look forward to servering their clients for many years to come.