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Monograham Paper & Gifts

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Monograham is a thoughtfully curated paper and gift boutique located in the heart of historic downtown Delafield. Offering a collection of hip greetings, modern stationery and artful gifts from innovative independent designers, Monograham is a haven for paper lovers and style-enthusiasts alike. In addition to readymade designs, Monograham also specializes in bespoke projects - everything from wedding invitations to personalized stationery - and has a dedicated custom salon where you can meet with the designers to create a covetable piece that perfectly reflects your style.

Monograham owner, Amy Graham Stigler, is also the Creative Director and Designer of Smock, an internationally renown paper and invitation company. Amy's designs have been featured nationally in magazines such as Martha Stewart, inStyle, Oprah & Real Simple. In addition to being featured at Monograham , Smock can be found at exclusive boutiques in the United States and abroad.