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Lake Country Landscaping

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In 1986, Blaine Sidders started Lake Country Landscaping, Inc. From the beginning, we have been a full service tree and landscape company. We teamed up with some of the top local landscape designers and installed their designs. They would design the project and have the nursery stock delivered from their nurseries. We would construct the planting beds, plant the trees, shrubs and flowers, mulch and install the lawn of either seed or sod. We would have to make sure the project was perfect, that everything was planted just right, straight and watered. If a tree, shrub or plant needed to be replaced the labor cost was on us so we learned early on to do the job precise, right off the bat. Once the project was complete, we continued the relationship with the customer by trimming the shrubs and trees we planted, freshening up mulch and decorative stone, planting flowers and maintaining planting beds. That led to maintaining their lawns with mowing, fertilizing and weed control. We added snow removal to our services to complete the maintenance circle. Years later, plants, trees and shrubs would outgrow their space and landscapes would need to be renovated and we did that too. We did then and still do tree work, trimming, removal, lot clearing, storm damage, stump grinding and firewood sales. We believe in the importance of maintaining our customers, which is why we still have some of the very first customers we started with 27 years ago. Which brings us where we are today, specializing in property maintenance, landscape renovation and tree care. We do rough sketch design, as well as work from architectural designs.