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Care That's Always There – Merrill Hills Manor

Nov 18, 2014 09:41PM ● By Laura Ustanovska

By Laura Ustanovska

“I should have done this sooner,” is a remark often heard by the children of those who have moved into Merrill Hills Manor - Waukesha, WI on the corner of Highways 18 and TT. This tight-knit community makes new neighbors feel at home from the moment they move in.

The five-year-old building offers spacious and modern rooms with touches of beauty built in to its easy-to-maneuver blueprint. The facility offers assisted living, but its niche is truly memory care.

Merrill Hills Manor refers to its unique approach to memory care as the Legacy Court Neighborhood. “Legacy Court celebrates the spirit within each resident through personalized activities that encourage creativity and self-expression,” explains Pam Mainz of Merrill Hills Manor. “We work with residents individually, striving for small successes that help create a sense of accomplishment. Everyone wants to feel valued and to be able to contribute to the people and world around them.”

The staff helps residents discover what those contributions can be today, with the strengths and abilities residents have now. A resident who loves to garden may plant vegetables and flowers in the courtyard or grow an indoor plant. Or a resident who previously worked as a teacher may teach a new game he learned to a fellow resident. Residents are celebrated for who they are – and who they will always be.

Each member of the staff – from maintenance to kitchen workers – is trained in memory care, and visual cues and themes in the Legacy Court stimulate memory to help residents find their way.

Residents are engaged within their environment and encouraged to participate in the many varied activities offered each day. The respectful staff strives to provide activities with clear objectives that are meaningful to the residents.

The staff at Merrill Hills Manor is recruited because of their innate desire to serve others. They provide an atmosphere of acceptance and, occasionally, even bring their own families to visit. Families of residents are encouraged to learn, add to their family member's unique program and discover more meaningful visits.

Conversely, residents inspire the staff who care for them as they work side-by-side with technology, in fitness and in creative endeavors. Merrill Hills Manor offers outings, entertainment and activities galore. And, to top it all off, an outstanding chef is on staff, proving a top-notch dining experience daily and the nutrition residents need.

Within two minutes of Merrill Hills Manor are hospitals, rehabilitation centers, restaurants, pharmacies and many more attractions and conveniences. Check it out for yourself at here or call 262-574-0000 to schedule a visit.

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