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Delafield Neighbors

From Farm to Table: Local Connections that Matter

Oct 17, 2014 11:35PM ● By Laura Ustanovska

You are what you eat. That old adage gets a lot of press these days, as a new generation discovers the truth of the statement. Every morsel we eat truly is assimilated into our bodies and helps to determine our level of health or disease. Take trans fats as one example. Famous for their presence in most fast foods, trans fats are those bad fats that are formed when otherwise good fats are heated excessively or are hydrogenated and changed on a molecular level. When we eat these trans fats, our bodies, trusting as they are, believe that they are food and use them to build our cell membranes, the outer covering present on each of our cells.

Cells membranes are a very important part of our cells, because it is through the cell membrane that nutrients enter the cell and waste products are removed. Replacing good, functional cell membranes with ones made from trans fats is a little like replacing our city garbage men with crash dummies. They might look a little like the real thing, but there won’t be any garbage removed any time soon. Can you imagine the pile of trash that would pile up if the garbage men stopped coming around? It wouldn’t take long before all of garbage would build up and lead to the spread of disease. This concept works in a similar fashion at the cellular level; leave waste products inside of cells and people start feeling sluggish and become more prone to autoimmune diseases and cancer.

If one aspect of our standard American diets, trans fats, is so bad for us, what else lurks out there that we need to avoid? More importantly, what superfoods can we eat in order to help reverse the effects of the junk we may have taken into our bodies leading up to this point? Enter NuGenesis, a non-profit organization based in Oconomowoc dedicated to educating the public on how to choose, grow, and cook whole foods. From their website: “Founded in 2010 by three-time cancer survivor Kathy Bero, NuGenesis helps you prevent disease, support your body through a chronic illness and prevent recurrence through the food you choose to eat.” At Morning Star Family Farm, we are proud to have been a part of the 2014 NuGenesis Harvest for Your Health. We encourage you to learn more about NuGenesis and consider supporting their mission of education about superfoods that come from our farm to your table.

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