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From Farm to Table: Local Connections that Matter

Sep 19, 2014 10:21PM ● By Laura Ustanovska

There is a refreshing drink out there that has been enjoying a surge of popularity among the health-conscious crowd. It is kombucha. A fermented, non-alcoholic tea, kombucha provides detoxifying benefits while quenching thirst. However, the drink hasn’t always been well known.

As the story goes, there were two industrial towns in Russia on opposite sides of the same polluted river. One town had a cancer rate significantly higher than the general population, while the other town did not. Medical researchers were sent to interview residents of the two towns in an attempt to identify what lifestyle or diet choices may have caused such a variance.

When the researchers entered the homes on the low-cancer side of the river, they often saw multiple odd-looking jars in the kitchen. Upon inquiry, they learned that these jars were filled with kombucha, a drink which had been passed down by their ancestors and which was drunk on a daily basis by the residents of the town.

After hearing this story, our family began brewing kombucha for our own consumption. Imagine our surprise that something with health benefits actually tastes good! That was over a decade ago. Now we produce kombucha for sale to our customers.

We begin our kombucha with filtered water, organic tea and organic cane sugar; then we add kombucha from a previous batch and a “scoby,” a patty of good bacteria and yeasts that will culture the tea. When the fermentation is complete, most of the sugar and tea components, including caffeine, will have been consumed by the culture, leaving behind what is now called kombucha tea. In the case of our flavored kombucha drinks, it is at this point that we add ingredients like organic ginger and strawberries, plus a touch of raw local honey, creating a taste sensation worth exploring.

Our kombucha is available in six flavors at our farm as well as at several local farmers’ markets. Give it a try. We think you’ll be as happy to discover kombucha as we were.

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