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Delafield Neighbors

Dressed to the Nines

Aug 26, 2014 08:53PM ● By Laura Ustanovska

Country and couture usually make for an odd mix; but when the country is “the Lake Country” and the couture is Aeva: Wedding & Party - Delafield, WI, a better match couldn’t be made. I’ve always been fascinated by the iconic Vogue September issue, so this month I went on an inspired search for high fashion. Delafield is a quaint town of chic boutiques and, of course, chic women. So what’s a girl to do when in need of a dashing dress? Aeva: Wedding and Party, Delafield’s new dress boutique, has all the answers. The adorable boutique recently married itself to the classic “Steeple” on Genesee Street, and it doesn’t disappoint with its inventory of unique dresses for brides, bridesmaids and partygoers.

Aeva has character from the floor up. The history of “the Steeple,” originally built in the 1860s, is accentuated like Audrey Hepburn’s waist thanks to Ariel Arnson, the owner of the local boutique. Inside, refurbished antique carved wood boards dangle delicate bridal veils, gold hand stenciled walls outfit the upper bridal floor, crisp white flower decorations flourish up the vaulted ceilings, and turquoise brushed dressing room doors create a luxury look reminiscent of the classic Tiffany’s box. It’s almost as if wedding bells can be heard ringing from the tall steeple atop the church.

Young misses, don’t stray away; the wedding bells may not be ringing yet, but homecoming is calling. At Aeva, there’s an array of special occasion garb, including stunning party dresses, bridal gowns, mother of the bride dresses and accessories. The salon flaunts party dresses with flair, from flirty, to romantic vintage, to bohemian. Fancy and frisky can be found under the same steeple!

Once the girl has got the guy—whether for a homecoming dance or a stroll down the aisle—the fun part of choosing the dress comes along. Arnson is an expert when it comes to consulting women on finding the perfect garb. She recalled, “I’ve had a bride who literally could not stop dancing—in the gown—once she had decided on her favorite. I've helped friends and have made new friends with brides I've helped. I even ended up being in the wedding of a girl I met when she came in for a bridal appointment, and now we are dear friends!”

Arnson started with a dream, and now she helps make them come true. No matter what you envision wearing on your big day, an “Ah Ha” moment will come when that one dress fits just right, bringing out not only your outer beauty, but also your inner radiance. The search may not be easy, but Arnson proves that it’s possible. The right dress is out there, and it might just be waiting for you at Aeva.