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Premier Properties and Property Management by Premier Take Personal Approach

Jul 24, 2014 10:55PM ● By Laura Ustanovska

Premier Properties - Hartland, WI is the realization of the dream, vision and professional passion of its owners: Kristin Prange Kessler, Scott Heyerdahl and Lynn Zwaska. The inspiration behind Premier’s origin was the vision of serving clients with a unique and personal approach while meeting the dream of owning and creating something special and personal. 

The Premier partners bring to real estate sales a total of over 60 years of excellence and experience. Their success is attributed to the sincere enjoyment of client interaction and relationships that culminate in the ultimate goal of a successful real estate transaction. These factors helped develop their mission statement: “We are dedicated to providing our clients with real estate experiences that are beyond their expectations by creating an organization of uniquely talented individuals.” To that end, Premier Properties associates only with experienced real estate sales people and is grateful for the contribution of everyone that has been a part of the organization. 

During the downturn the real estate market experienced in the past few years, Premier found being an independent firm offers the unique advantage of having the ability to make a decision and affect it immediately. Larger organizations are hampered by many more hoops to jump through before changes can be made. Kessler comments that,

“Had we been in a situation of having to communicate with layers of departments, we would not been have able to react as quickly as we did to the market changes and come through positively to the sunshine of today’s market.”

Heyerdahl chuckles when asked about what he has learned over the years. He reflects on how much he appreciates the flexibility of the schedule of salespeople but also concedes that, in order to be successful, there are no effective “get-rich-quick” schemes. It still takes hard, consistent work and being an expert on the uniquenesses of the Lake Country area. “You have to know what the south side of the lake shore line is like, what the house around the corner sold for last year and, most importantly, you have to be able to occasionally tell people things they don’t necessarily want to hear.  But that’s why they hired me – to be honest, advise them well and guide them through the market.”

The Premier partners found a void in the area about five years ago and opened their partner firm, Property Management by Premier, which specializes in the management of condominium associations. Their goal was to be able to provide local, professional management services to homeowners in condominium communities and, in this short time period, they manage over 400 units. Zwaska has played a leadership role in working with the boards of the associations and feels so fortunate to have developed relationships with many of the homeowners in each community. “We walk a fine line because we work for all of our homeowners but take direction from the boards. Our job is to address the needs of everyone within their own association guidelines and see that everyone is happy in their community. It’s a tall order!”

All three Premier partners smile, nod and agree that one of the biggest challenges of owning two businesses and working in sales is developing the fine art of balancing professional and personal lives. Scott, Kristin and Lynn all have children (and a total of five grandchildren) and have each lived in the Lake Country area for over 20 years. Being involved in the community has been tremendously helpful in providing them the opportunity to service the community and make professional contacts. It truly is a win-win! They are represented at local churches, the Hartland Chamber of Commerce, Hartland Business Improvement District, North Lake School and Arrowhead High School activities, Shorehaven volunteer functions, Okauchee Lake Yacht Club and many more. The satisfaction of being a part of so many communities with a sense of belonging is immeasurable.  

When asked how Premier Properties and Property Management by Premier have changed their lives, their answers are wide and varied. Kessler says it has provided her a sense of stability and helps her immeasurably in developing confidence and approaching new relationships. Heyerdahl revels in the fact that every day is unique and special and appreciates the different activities and personalities that mold his days.  Laughing, Zwaska comments, “I used to think business ownership was all glamor … until the first snowfall and someone had to shovel the walk or the sink was full of dirty coffee cups. In all seriousness, the greatest way that Premier has affected my life is in relationships. We are so fortunate that customers and clients have become friends.  Colleagues have become friends. My partners are the ‘cream of the crop!’”

What sets them apart from other firms? They approach each client and community with the ability to tailor a plan specifically for their clients’ needs and the individuality of each property. “All of our properties are Premier,” emphasizes Kessler, “and everyone needs to be made to feel that way! Because of attitude and philosophy, it is not necessary for clients to place every request directly with their agent or property manager. Anyone in the office can assist and will do so enthusiastically.”

Premier Properties and Property Management by Premier can be found in their charming 100-year old brick building located in downtown Hartland at 134 Cottonwood Avenue where they have been for 11 years. It is a beautiful, comfortable building, and they invite everyone to stop and visit.

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