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Delafield Neighbors

Delafield an Easy Sell for Mother-Daughter Team of Nicholls/Kindberg

Jun 22, 2014 07:59PM ● By Laura Ustanovska

Ann and Bob Nicholls moved from Brookfield to Delafield in 1993. “When driving in the Arbors, we discovered our dream home, which was under construction at the time,” recalls Ann. “We have the best neighbors in the world, and Bob loves the bike trail, when weather permits.”

The couple have two children, Mark, who lives in Dallas and has six children, and Liz Kindberg. Liz and her husband Adam have two daughters, Paige (10) and Carly (8). “Adam and I moved to Delafield in April of 2005,” explains Liz. “Prior to that we had built a house in Hartland that we had just outgrown! We really wanted to be in Delafield because of the schools, and we wanted a larger yard.” With Liz's parents already situated in Delafield, the Kindbergs knew it would be a good situation for their family.

Ann and Bob enjoy attending all their grandchildren's activities and travel to Texas a couple of times each year (especially during the colder months) to watch Mark's children play soccer and participate in other events.

Bob received both his BA and MA from the University of Montana and a PhD in European intellectual history from the University of Maryland. “After teaching history at the University of Minnesota, Bob became a financial planner with American Express Financial Advisors,” says Ann. “A promotion brought us to the Milwaukee area, where Bob served as division vice president before retiring.”

“I attended the University of Wyoming,” relates Ann. “After Bob and I were married, I worked to put him through school. I thoroughly enjoyed my work, especially my last position with the Department of Agriculture, during which time Bob finished his graduate degree.”

“Bob is very interested in family history,” continues Ann, “and has written six books on his ancestors. While researching one of his books, our family traveled to the family cemetery in Indiana, where we discovered two new graves. A commemorative plaque was placed to mark the spot, and the local newspaper reporter took pictures of the family sprucing up the graves and cleaning up the cemetery.”

Like most residents of the state, Bob and Ann are avid Packer fans. They also especially enjoy summers in Wisconsin, spending time with family and friends, swimming or enjoying the backyard.

Ann is a realtor with The Nicholls/Kindberg Group: Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage - Brookfield, WI, where she has worked for 20 years. “When Liz left for college, I realized I had a window of time do to something I had always wanted to do, which was selling homes,” explains Ann. “I took real estate classes required for a license and prepared for the real estate exam. I absolutely love selling homes! I enjoy helping buyers and sellers relocate to new areas. As a relocation specialist, I work with transferees moving to and from the area. Lake Country has many attractive features, including great communities, superior schools, convenient shopping, a wide variety of restaurants and many other amenities which residents find appealing.”

Liz, who graduated from Brookfield Central High School and has a BS in psychology from UW-Whitewater, was on her way to graduate school when she met Adam, fell in love and decided to go into real estate with her mom. “My mom persuaded me to come and work with her as a realtor because the flexible schedule would allow me to have kids and not have to put them in daycare,” Liz shares. “Plus the added income would be helpful.” Liz has worked for Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Brookfield for the past 13 years. Prior to that, she worked in the ICU at Elmbrook Memorial Hospital.

Liz has played classic piano since she was seven. “I have performed at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music in Milwaukee,” says Liz, “but stopped taking formal lessons two years ago. I still enjoy playing piano, but now I help my two daughters grow their love for the piano.” In her spare time, Liz also volunteers at her daughters' school, Cushing Elementary School - Delafield, WI, one day each week. “I help all the teachers there with their copying and laminating needs,” explains Liz. “I enjoy having a presence at their school and seeing their faces as they walk to lunch. Cushing Elementary is a wonderful school and is part of the reason for our move to Delafield.”

Like her parents, Liz and her family love the Packers and enjoy watching games together. Paige and Carly both love to play soccer and play for Strike FC Wisconsin. Paige has been playing for five years and Carly has played for three years. Adam enjoys coaching Carly's team. “Most Saturdays in the spring and fall are filled with running around to different soccer games,” says Liz. “We love it – it's a fun, family activity for us.” Paige also takes gymnastics lessons, and Carly is involved with Girl Scouts. 

The Kindberg and Nicholls families had the opportunity to stay at a beautiful resort in the Riveria Maya in Mexico last March. “Since my mom and I work together, we never get to vacation together – one is usually covering for the other at work – so this was an especially nice vacation,” recalls Liz. “We had such a wonderful time walking the beach, lounging by the pool and taking in the hot sun. I was the interpreter while we were there with my very limited high school Spanish background, so it made for an interesting trip!”

Liz, Adam and their daughters are very active in their church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. “We are both very involved with our callings at church,” says Liz. “I serve in the presidency of the women's organization, and my mom serves in the primary with the children. Our faith is a very big part of our lives. Family means everything to us, and we view families as eternal. Every Monday night is reserved for our family. This is one night out of our busy week when we can come together with no interruptions. We each take turns planning the activity for the night. We play games, have a spiritual message, read scriptures or just have fun outside.”

Ann and Liz treat their clients at the Nicholls/Kindberg Group like family too. “We pride ourselves in providing personalized service and have been voted 'Best in Client Satisfaction' by Five Star and featured in Milwaukee Magazine four years in a row for this prestigious award,” comments Liz. Because of their different strengths, Ann and Liz make a great team. “My mom is such a people-person and loves showing houses and meeting new people,” reveals Liz, “while I enjoy the more technical side of the business. I handle all the internet marketing, photography and computer issues.”

Ann and Liz also volunteer together and actively support the Women's Center in Waukesha and the Ronald McDonald House and have participated in many fundraisers for these two charities.

“As a realtor, Delafield is an easy sell,” says Liz. “I work with many people who are transferring into this area with their jobs, and I always drive them through the beautiful downtown Delafield area and show them all the restaurants, shops, lakes, trails and parks. Delafield has so much to offer and people can envision raising their families here and being a part of the community.”

The same holds true for Liz and Adam. “We absolutely love our neighborhood, Valley Road Place,” continues Liz. “I remember I couldn't believe how many kids lived in this neighborhood! I love the mature trees and larger, one-acre lots that our subdivision has. An added plus is that the neighborhood is connected to Cushing Park. We can ride our bikes to all the different trails or even to downtown for local events.”

The perks of our town that make it an easy sell for the mother-daughter team of Ann and Liz are items we can all be grateful for when proudly announcing we call Delafield home.

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