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Oxi Fresh's Jake Cadwell Seeks to Serve

Jun 22, 2014 07:45PM ● By Laura Ustanovska

Photo by Ethan York

It isn't often one runs into a carpet cleaner with the service-driven attitude of Jake Cadwell, owner of the Waukesha territory of Oxi Fresh. Originally from Iowa, Jake moved to the area to attend New Tribes Bible Institute in Waukesha. He married a local farm girl and loves the beautiful forested land of the Kettle Moraine, where he resides with his family.

Jake learned about Oxi Fresh through his dad, who had hired the company to clean his carpet, back in Des Moines. When Jake's dad told him about the opportunity, the area Jake currently owns, everything south of Highway 94 from the western line of Waukesha County to Lake Michigan, was for sale by its former owner.

A year and a half ago, Jake took the plunge and decided to buy into the franchise. “It's going really well,” he comments about the time he's spent in business for himself. Jake already has one full-time employee and is doing his best to handle the company's rapid growth. He finds the ability to innovate and having the freedom to tackle problems in the way he best sees fit some of the more enjoyable aspects of being in business for himself.

Jake is so much more than a typical “it's just business” type of guy. “I'm more than just my business, and the people whose carpets I clean are more than just their carpets,” says Jake. “My relationship with Jesus Christ and desire to walk with Him and represent Him in all I do are my biggest motivators. I seek to treat customers with love and respect and treat their carpets as I'd like mine treated.”

Oxi Fresh uses a low-moisture cleaning system, usually using only one or two gallons of water per household; this not only saves on one of Earth's most valuable resources but significantly decreases drying time as well. With only one hour for an average drying time, Jake is sometimes able to help homeowners put their furniture back into place because the first carpets cleaned are dry by the time he has finished cleaning the rest of the home!

Oxi Fresh is committed to being green and, according to Jake, its main cleaning product has received a seal of approval from the EPA. Oxi Fresh's technology is safe for use around children and pets. Jake points out that Oxi Fresh's methods are very successful at removing pet stains and odors, actually killing the bacteria that cause odors.

After a carpet cleaning, Jake applies a water-based protectant. Protectants used in the past, often called “stain guard” or “Scotchguard,” are made with solvents rather than water, making Oxi Fresh's product a safer choice for use around children and pets. This protectant seals the carpet from oils, dirt, stains and spills, enabling the homeowner to clean their home better on their own between biannual visits from Jake. Furthermore, all of Jake's equipment is portable, so no hoses are drug through the house, potentially scraping walls and causing a change in temperature due to open doors.

Jake is quick to point out that Oxi Fresh offers a one-of-a-kind process called the Pull System, which gives commercial customers the option to restore the dirtiest of carpets to rentable condition at a fraction of the cost of carpet replacement. Jake says, “It is a little bit thrilling to see dead, dirty, lifeless carpet brought back to life through the restoration process.”

Jake knows the best way to grow his business is by serving every customer well. “Every year and every day, I will serve the customer like they matter,” says Jake. “I want to be the trusted carpet cleaner for Delafield and all of Waukesha County.”

To schedule a carpet cleaning for yourself, visit Oxi Fresh's website or call 262-547-4255.

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