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Delafield Neighbors


Apr 22, 2014 09:02PM ● By Laura Ustanovska

“I'm not usually one for ‘trends,’ as I'm big on wearing what you love.”

The Sharp Side of Life

Waukesha and New York City undoubtedly are antonyms. But it’s time to shed some light on the cow-tipping, country bumpkin stereotype of this Dairy State County. When it comes to clothing, many Wisconsinites have found themselves submerged in a sea of cotton monotony. However, Gabrielle Pedriani—the local fashion blogger behind Look Sharp Sconnie—has made an effort to stand out from the crowd.

Gabrielle has always been drawn to the idea of “fashion.” Although enamored by style, she majored in communications at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The street scene of Madison, however, was surprisingly conducive to her clothing obsession; in January of 2012, Gabrielle started photographing street style finds. She said, “Eventually it turned into this weird amalgamation of pictures of myself and over-analytical text about anything from the history of mom jeans to why I think trends are a bit of a lie.” Look Sharp Sconnie was born.

A summer trip to Paris, complete with haute couture shows, made Gabrielle realize her passion, so she transitioned to fashion blogging with a side of retail and personal styling. Now on the marketing team at iona, a contemporary boutique in downtown Madison, this Midwestern style guru gets a daily dose of inspiration. She remarked, “[At iona] I've really come into close contact with the intricacies of a designer's work.” Fashion isn’t just material to Gabrielle; it’s a medium of communication. No day is complete without her daily dose of stylistic ingenuity. She recounts, “I'd say that a good 70% of my day is spent thinking about clothing, but not in isolation. My job, my blog, and honestly, my whole fascination with fashion revolves around the relationship between clothing and human behavior.”

Time and experience have revealed to this sharp Sconnie that, “Comfort equals cool. You will look cool, 100% of the time, just so long as you feel comfortable. Not sweatpants comfortable, per se, but comfortable in your own skin.”

Gabrielle’s biggest break came in February when Polyvore, an online socially powered fashion network, invited her to New York Fashion Week to cover the scenes on and off the runways. She immediately agreed. Gabrielle made her mark in stunning attire, and proved that New York will have some friendly competition. She noted, “It always feels exhilarating and empowering to defy expectations [of Wisconsin]. Anyone who's ever done something they've been told they couldn't do knows that.”

New York Fashion Week was an eye opener for Gabrielle. “I became more certain every day that [fashion] is what I want to pursue and New York is where I'd like to be.” Whether forging new frontier for the name of fashion, or just wearing what she loves, this blogger is going places. But for now, Gabrielle will continue to help keep the Sconnies looking sharp.

Twitter: @looksharpWI

Instagram: @looksharpsconnie