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Steve Draeger Creates Signature Look Locally

Feb 19, 2014 10:02PM ● By Laura Ustanovska
If you've ever stepped inside either Fishbone's Cajun & Creole Restaurant - Delafield, WI or Zin – Uncommon California Italian - Delafield, WI, it is hard to miss the fantastic interior décor. Although vastly different, the look in each of these restaurants was created by the same artist, Steve Draeger. Steve describes Fishbone's as “basically all about the paint – real funky with very bright colors to complement the festive atmosphere.” With Zin, he took a more architectural approach, using wood and stained glass – lots of stained glass – to create a sleek, contemporary, upscale look.

Steve is a self-taught artist who has been creating art for as long as he can remember. He started out painting and then “starting gluing stuff onto the paintings,” as he describes it. This led to three-dimensional wall sculptures, furniture, stained glass, murals, interiors and more.

Steve loves what he does and tries to put his signature style on each piece he creates. He credits the variety in his work to not being afraid to experiment and try something different. Steve says he doesn't draw his inspiration from any particular source, just what is going on in his head. “I just walk up to a canvas and start painting,” explains Steve. “It's impulsive.” Steve tries to incorporate motion and depth into his work, along with small elements of pop art.

“I like the viewer to make up their mind about what they are looking at. I let the art speak for itself,” says Steve, who enjoys how his wall sculptures appear different from every angle. “I impose no meaning or concepts on my art," Steve comments. He loves abstracts and working with color.

When working on interiors, Steve works closely with his clients to design a piece for a particular spot in their home, making sure they get the desired result and then some!

This artist, who lives to create and loves to design, paint and build, admits that his art is not particularly conducive to art shows, due to its size. Therefore the best way to see Steve's art for yourself is to peruse his website or visit one of the local establishments he has designed.

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