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On Saipan’s Shore: A Poem by Brian Faracy

Feb 04, 2014 01:26PM ● By Brian O

Invasion beach on present-day Saipan


On Saipan’s Shore

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On Saipan’s Shore…

when the word was given…

…you faced the ravenous beast of War.

Here, where I stand

on this cream-colored sand

bloody-turned in June of ’44.

Now, on this tranquil isle’s rose-colored eve,

alone on this sacred strand

in silent, longing tribute I stand,

gazing ‘cross time like the endless placid sea.

Then, as a distant voice of valor whispers in the wind…

Solace… at long, long last, comes to me.

15th tee box at Lao Lao Bay Golf Resort

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